DIY Business Card Design

knock the socks off of potential clients and customers | taught by Emily Roach

Course description

You’ve mustered up the courage to attend an entrepreneur meet up in your city. You find the perfect outfit, leave the kids with the sitter, put on your big girl mascara, and head out to schmooze with fellow business owners. You are NETWORKING!

The room is buzzing with energy, you’re making connections--potential joint venture partners, potential referrals, even potential real live paying clients! Then it’s time to hand out your business card…

And you freeze.

You don’t even have cards. Do people still exchange cards? Apparently they do. You’re operating on a shoestring, so you haven’t yet invested in a graphic designer. You’re not even sure what you should put on your cards or where to get them printed (It sure doesn’t seem like the other people here printed theirs at home!) You’re the only person in the room spelling out her email address while people thumb it into their phone contacts.

Sound familiar? It doesn't have to be this way!

What if you could design your own breathtaking business cards?
Cards you’re proud to hand out. Cards that people will hang onto. And what if I told you that you don’t have to get a graphic design degree or invest in fancy software to learn the skills necessary to design beautiful and effective business cards?

My DIY Business Card Design mini course will take you from schmo to pro in just a few short lessons. By the end of this course you’ll be designing your own business cards with ease!

This course is for you if...

  • You don’t have business cards. You need some!
  • You have generic template cards from Vistaprint (or similar). They’re cute enough, they have your contact info, and they were cheap. But other people out there have THE EXACT SAME ONE! You’re ready to stand out!
  • You have business cards, but they’re outdated. The style doesn’t really reflect your personality, and you’re ready for cards that you’re proud of!

I’ve broken the design process into bite-sized pieces for you!

Chapter 1 - Design 101

  • Lesson 1: Business Card Basics - Learn what to include on your business cards to get your message across without adding excess clutter.
  • Lesson 2: Inspirational Examples - Take a look at a variety of business cards and learn what makes each one effective.
  • Lesson 3: Get Ready to Print - Learn how to set up your files correctly for print and where to find inexpensive, high-quality print shops.

Chapter 2 - Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Lesson 1: Design a simple business card with your logo, icons, and text
  • Lesson 2: Design a business card with images, a colored overlay, illustrations, and text
  • Lesson 3: Edit a pre-designed business card template in Canva to reflect your brand style

In addition to these 6 video lessons, I’ve included a printable worksheet for you to brainstorm business card ideas.

Don’t waste another minute (or napkin) fumbling around with no business cards. Learn how to design your own today!


Why wouldn’t I just order free cards on vistaprint?
You are not just like everyone else, so you don’t want cards like everyone else! Your cards should reflect YOU and your personality. A template card is better than nothing, but it won’t be very impactful. In this course, I’ll show you how to *customize* a template in Canva so that you can still stand out even if you don’t want to design something from scratch. (Plus those “free” cards aren’t really free and they have vistaprint’s branding all over them. Are you trying to market your business or theirs?)

Do I need special software to design my business cards?
Nope! In this course, I show you how to use Canva--a free, web-based design program that anyone can use!

What if I don’t have a logo?
That’s ok! You don’t *need* a logo to have effective business cards. In this course, you’ll learn how to design cards that reflect your style, even if you don’t have a logo. (If you would like to learn how to design your own breathtaking brand identity--including a killer logo--check out my branding course here!)

Can I use this course if I have multiple businesses?
YES! In this course, I show several techniques for designing business cards--you’ll be able to design cards for a variety of businesses!

What if I’m not very creative? Or have no design skills?
This course was created just for you! No design skills required! And I believe everyone is creative. Your creativity may just be hiding--we’ll work to bring it out! (And I’ll walk you through exactly how to customize pre-designed templates if that feels like a more comfortable option for you!)

Does this class have a start date or end date?
This course is self-paced and you have lifetime access! So binge learn and bust your business cards out in a day or watch one video each morning while your coffee brews--it’s up to you! If you ever need to go back and refer to something, all the content will be right there waiting for you. Forever!

What if I have questions during the course?
Use the course discussion feature to ask any and all questions that pop up! This is also a great place to share the business cards you create so we can all ooo and ahhh and give you virtual high fives!

Emily Roach
Emily Roach
Lead Teacher and Business Bestie

I'm Emily Roach, the algebra teacher turned design diva behind Biz BFF!

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a big heart and a not-so-secret obsession with 90s pop music, Gilmore Girls, and caramel brulee lattes. And I can’t wait to teach you how to design a business and life that you absolutely love!

In 2009, I started a business designing wedding invitations and personal stationery. It began as a side gig--a creative outlet at a time my teaching job wasn’t allowing much creativity. When I got pregnant in 2010, I decided to see if I could turn my “little etsy shop” into a full time income that would allow me to work from home with my baby. I had no formal business training (aside from many childhood entrepreneurial ventures), so I fumbled through with a lot of trial and error--figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Luckily, I’m a scrappy DIYer, so that’s just the way I like it!

A huge turning point was when I let go of trying to design what I thought everyone else wanted and just created things that were true to my personal style. This was scary! Was I going too niche? Am I going to miss out on tons of potential customers? What if no one even likes my style?

You can guess where this is going--when I stopped trying to please everyone and started being true to myself, my sales soared. Magazines reached out to feature my invites. And my work became more profitable and more fun. But here’s the thing: I don’t attribute this to being a better designer than anyone else.

I learned that being clear and confident about who you are and what you have to offer the world, then presenting that in a cohesive and consistent way makes you the most desirable girl in the room.

I love that now I get to combine my love of teaching with my love of design and help business owners create their own remarkable brands that attract customers, clients, and raving fans in a way that feels authentic, cozy, and fun. I can't wait to get to know you and see what YOU create!